Who We Are

Emma Rees is the founder and creative director of House Of Huga. Having started her interior design career as Emma Rees Design in 2014, she now carries her extensive folio of successful projects and her work ethos into her new company House Of Huga. Emma is involved in every project from the outset, working closely with the client on the concept development and planning to ensure every personal, creative and practical need is met. She has a trusted team of specialist, skilled and experienced people that she collaborates with to scale up the management of the projects as needed which means she is able to take on a variety of projects of any size, timescale and budget.

Her background in advertising and fashion photography, styling, production and creative direction means her approach to design is conceptually creative and spatially driven with a strong emphasis on light and texture. She loves to create a visual treat at every turn by mixing vintage finds and unique artwork with contemporary design and bespoke pieces. Most importantly she develops a strong relationship with her clients to ensure they have complete trust in the design and the process. As a result of her diploma studies in Interior Design, she values the importance of creating a functional space that works for all of the client’s needs while creating a space that is effortlessly indulgent and luxuriously intimate.

In addition to running House of Huga, Emma is regularly involved in creative collaborations across multiple disciplines and is a part time tutor on the evening courses at the Interior Design School in London.